Baby Music

Baby Music

by Fridrik Karlsson

I have been a professional musician since the age of sixteen. I completed a degree in Classical and Jazz/Rock guitar and had my first international success with the group Mezzoforte in 1983 with the U.K. top 10 hit, Garden Party.

I’ve worked on movies such as Evita and Phantom of the Opera, and the musicals Jesus Christ Superstar and Saturday Night Fever.

My TV work includes accompanying world famous singers and artists, such as Madonna, Jamiroquai, Andy Williams, David Cassidy, Ronan Keating, and Tom Jones. I’m also the resident guitarist for The X-Factor.

I have appeared on various albums and singles including Ronan Keating, Sheryl Crow, Will Young, Kelly Clarkson, and Cat Stevens.

I have a great interest in personal development and relaxation practices and hold a Master Practitioner certification in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. I’ve also studied the Indian Ayurvedic science, Yoga, and Reiki.

I now devote my time to his favorite music practice, writing and performing New Age and Spiritual music. I’ve produced 15 albums to date and I’m currently working on the next two.

The CDs

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Baby Massage CD

Baby Massage Music

These four tracks create the ideal ambience for parents to bond with their baby, the music perfectly complimenting the small soft movements of massage. Duration of one hour.

Baby Night Time CD

Baby Night Time CD

Three tracks with guitar and percussive sounds that lilt like a lullaby. Ideal for parents and baby to listen to together and de-stress after a busy day. Duration of one hour.

Baby Cuddles CD

Baby Cuddles CD

Six soothing tracks designed to calm the most ragged nerves. Ideal music to help you bond with your new baby. Duration of one hour.

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