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October 7, 2011

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Under Gifts for Mummy and Daddy

We are all aware of how beneficial and enjoyable spa treatments can be for us

So it is unsurprising the that ‘Baby’s First Spa Experience’ has proven to be so popular amongst new mums and their much loved new additions.

This product is all about multi sensory stimulation, something which Emma Nash (founder of Tiddley Pom) has witnessed doing wonderful things for those suffering with multiple or profound disabilities at The Childerns Trust rehabilitation centre where she previously worked.

Accompanying the Soothing Baby Wash, the Organic Massage Oil, Organic Soothing Lotion and Organic Nappy Balm is a CD featuring beautiful guitar music by Fredrik Karlsson, the rhythms mimicking the babies heartbeat.

Babies thrive off music, and it is often said that it can profoundly enhance their growth. Unlike touch, hearing and sight, the baby develops a sense of smell in the womb. Babies use this early development in detecting aromas to stay close to their mother.

The scents given out by the Tiddley Pom products, including the massage oil with its bespoke natural blend, will leave the mother and baby relaxed and soothed. So apart from easing stress, and encouraging positive developments what are the other possible benefits of regular use of this experience?

A big fear for first time mums is that they may not take to parenting naturally or bond with the baby as they’d hoped, the massage routine of this product enhances this connection and let’s the baby know the mother is affectionate and caring. All in all a great package that allows mum to and baby to share a stress-free experience together."

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