My boss bought me Baby’s First Spa Experience – the massage guide and music was amazing! I really like your Organic Massage Oil – really light and absorbent.

Suzanne, Brighton

I loved the Baby Cuddles CD – it really helped me bond with my baby. She was born premature and was kept in hospital so I missed out on those vital few weeks. Your music really helped me find the space in my mind to focus on us and build the love we now share.

Fiona, Edinburgh

My son has terrible dry patches on his skin. I used your Organic Soothing Lotion which was fantastic – not too thick and great at calming his skin. I use it myself too!

Shona, Tooting

I have always liked English Lavender. As an aromatherapist it is one of the best therapeutic oils and great in baby products. Please, please keep using this amazing oil!

Sally, Manchester

As a dad (and a single dad at that) I was chuffed to see that your DVD has a section by a dad. I found it really helpful and enjoyed massaging my baby boy. Blokes have babies too!

Ed, London