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Nursery Spray and Pillow Mist

Nursery Spray and Pillow Mist

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Our expert Aromatherapist has created this blend of 100% pure and premium essential oils in water. We have created this light spritz for the nursery and crib to create a atmosphere of calm and peace.  

Spritz into the air or onto baby’s sheet to help a gentle and natural sleep, as your baby grows and moves into their own bed (approx 18 months) you can spray the pillow mist directly onto their pillow before bed.


Petitgrain Essential Oil The most pronounced uses of Petitgrain are for calming

and bringing an emotionally balancing and centred effect. We use it at night for a calm sleep and to reduce stress. It is cooling, calming and balancing.

Grapefruit Essential Oil Grapefruit is often used for its wonderful uplifting but balancing properties. We have used it in our Nursery Spray and Pillow Mist to add a note of sweetness to the Lavender floral note.  These two oils combine so well to bring a feeling of calm and grounding – perfect for a nursery

Lavender Essential Oil Lavender has an outstanding balancing and healing effect on the on the mind and body.  For baby, lavender calms and soothes and helps encourage a gentle, natural sleep.  The floral note in this blend, it brings sweetness and comfort to baby supported by the other oils to create a beautiful, gentle therapeutic fragrance.

Ho Wood Essential Oil Ho Wood is deeply calming to the mind. Its gentle woody notes ground and support this blend, bringing a solid bass note against the floral and green notes of the other oils.   It is a very gentle sedative yet with refreshing properties to be one of the best balancing oils available.

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