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Sophie Zen Mothers Day Free Gift

Sophie Zen Mothers Day Free Gift

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  • Sophie nursery aroma diffuser 
  • FREE 30ml Zen bath salts 
  • FREE Night time relaxing musical download

The Sophie is our premium diffuser, with the ability to use with or without mood light combined with this natural purifying essential oil will help cleanse your home naturally.

Zen Bath Salts This intoxicating blend allows you to escape to your happy place, wherever you happen to be. Simply add a little sprinkle of zen salts to a running bath, then relax, close your eyes and breathe away the chaotic day. The powerful calming Indian Jasmine works wonderfully with the gentle spice of Black Pepper oils. These two soothing and grounding oils are balanced by South African Rose Geranium, Sicilian Bergamot and the grounding sweet notes of Egyptian Frankincense.


Relaxing Music Download Icelandic composer and guitarist, Fridrik Karlsson has created three soundtracks with guitar chords and percussive wind chimes that lilt like a lullaby. Let the worries of the day melt away as you relax and slow your breathing. Ideal for listening when a de-stress after a busy day is needed. 

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