Baby Massage – a DIY Spa Session For You and Baby

We all love a massage and our babies are no different. As new mums, the idea of a spa day may seem as likely as a good night’s sleep but a little bit of focused pampering for baby can have a peaceful effect on us too, and with the demands of being a parent surely we should take any relaxing opportunity we can get!


Here are a few more reasons to give baby massage a try.


  • Massage is a beautiful way to bond with, and get to know your baby and it can also be done by other caregivers. It is a soothing activity that can be done at any time of the day but is especially useful for promoting a healthy bedtime routine and encourage your baby (and often you) to sleep.
  • There is plenty of evidence that baby massage has lots of health benefits for baby, in particular, it can help the process of digestion which can cause so much grief for so many babies. This actually reduces the amount of time a baby cries for.
  • Baby massage is even good for pain relief. Many parents highly recommend it during the frustrating teething months. This is because when the body is relaxed and calm it is able to process pain better, and there are even specific strokes that help with teething pain.
  • When you are taught baby massage at a class like Tots Play it is fun and interactive. The process is accompanied by gentle songs and rhymes. This interaction is proven to improve the development of children’s mental and social abilities.
  • When baby massage is done effectively it supports the physical development of your baby, including muscle tone, and coordination. There is evidence that premature babies actually grow stronger when they have had regular baby massage sessions.
  • Studies found that newborns with jaundice recover more quickly with massage. If it can have such a positive effect on the most vulnerable of infants just think of the impact it could have on your own little one.
  • When you attend a baby massage session you will be encouraged to use specific oils, perfect for the job.
  • Using Tiddley Pom baby massage oil in baby massage makes the experience very pleasurable for both of you but it also has a surprising side effect. There is a key nerve that connects the brain with the stomach called the vagus, baby massage with oil stimulates this nerve which improves bowel movements. The result of which can be seen on the weighing scales, a regularly massaged baby is more likely to have a healthy weight gain.
  • Baby massage regulates your baby’s heart rate, nervous system, and even brain activity.
Mum and baby massage

You can learn Massage with a group like Tots Play

Massage is just one of the activities covered during their 6 week Baby Development course, where you can learn a simple, full body massage routine to share with your little one, including a special routine to help relieve colic symptoms.

Tiddley Pom baby Spa has a range of DVDs and Music to help remind you of the things you have learned in your class, and the music (CD and Download) can be used during the massage to help calm your little one before and during the experience.


And So Much More..

In addition to massage, why not introduce yourself and your baby to baby yoga, calming techniques, tummy time play, sign language, sensory play and more, all of which you can learn at Tots Play. Classes are also a great place to meet other parents with babies at a similar stage, helping to form a valuable support network and friendships along the way.


Enjoy Your Special Time Together

These are all fabulous reasons to get you and your baby signed up for baby massage classes but one of the simplest reasons is that it is fun, and a great way to enjoy special time with your baby.

These early days with your baby are such a special time, and sharing massage with your little one is a lovely way to enjoy getting to know each other. At Tiddley Pom we are here to support you on this amazing journey, so whether you attend a class like Tots Play or enjoy a massage together at home, have a wonderful time with your little one, and happy playing!

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