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Many of us are trying to reduce the amount of single use plastic in our bathroom's and whilst there is choice for us as adults, the baby and children's ranges still insists on using plastic.

We might think we can't change the world in a big way through the baby products that we choose, but cumulatively, a switch as simple as ditching plastic on our baby wash & shampoo could save thousands from entering our oceans throughout our lifetime.

When you consider that 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles get thrown out globally each year we can start to impact that number by making easy choices.  

We have made Refillable options super easy - Once you have a pump bottle for any of our products you really don't need to buy the full shebang all over again when it runs out.

Think of how much packaging goes into the exterior of our products – springs in pumps. That's where our refills come in  - Any subsequent purchases can be made with an aluminium screw cap to match the bottle so you are no longer adding to landfill with a perfectly good pump. 

Our range of eco Baby bathroom products include zero waste baby wash and shampoo, soothing lotion, massage oil and pillow mist - Even our baby balm is in aluminium. Zero plastics. 

We have always believed in supporting English growers of lavender and chamomile, and all of our ingredients are sustainably-sourced, plant-derived ingredients, which mean's it's officially never been easier take care of your babies skin and go green at the same time.