Diffusing essential oils for babies

Baby in bed with his teddy. Grey woollen hat, white teddy.

Supporting your baby’s health with aromatherapy is a positive and enjoyable way to incorporate natural remedies into day-to-day family life. While we would never recommend aromatherapy in place of GP advice, essential oils are an effective way to help soothe and balance young ones, and keep your family environment calm and clean. 

Because every child’s skin type is so unique and also prone to change, we’re going to discuss the benefits of diffusing essential oils at home. When done correctly, this is one of the safest ways to incorporate plant essences into your baby’s care routine.


How to diffuse

Aromatherapy diffuser

These plug-in diffusers use water vapour to disperse essential oils in a cool mist. Fill the chamber with a few inches of fresh cold water and add two to three drops of essential oil. They tend to make a gentle, gurgling sound and don’t use heat, so they feel more pleasant to use in a baby’s bedroom over traditional oil burners. Read our post on the benefits of diffusers. 

Bowl method

If you don’t have a diffuser, no problem. Simply fill a mixing bowl with warm (not boiling) water and add one drop of essential oil per pint of water. Place the bowl near a radiator but away from the baby’s head. The warmth of the room will allow the oils to disperse slowly, so this is a nice option for bedtime.


Essential oils for babies


This balancing oil is also known to be antiseptic and antibacterial. Choose lavender to purify the room and encourage calm in a restless child. Lavender is safe to diffuse from 1 week. 


This fresh, medicinal oil is celebrated for its expectorant effect on the respiratory system. Reach for eucalyptus to help soothe coughs and clear airways if your baby is suffering from a cold. Eucalyptus is safe to use from 8 weeks.

Chamomile Roman

This gentle oil is loved for its sweet floral fragrance and peaceful action on the senses. Its mildly sedative properties are safe for babies and can help encourage a tranquil sleep. Chamomile Roman is safe to use from 1 week.

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