New products for 2019!!

Massage and sleep are two big themes in the lives of parents.  

Massage can help relax and calm baby helping them to drift off into a gentle sleep.  We know that touch and smell are great ways to achieve this, whether you are a baby, child or adult.  So, we have developed a new massage and body oil for baby and parent which contains a unique blend of coconut, kukui, pomegranate, blackcurrant and argan oils.  This super moisturising body and massage oil comes in our signature spray bottle so it’s easy to use and difficult to spill.

In early 2019 we are also launching our Natural Nursery and Pillow Mist.  This wonderful blend of essential oils in water will fragrance the nursery and pillow with a gentle, calming sleep mist.  To compliment this we are creating a diffuser blend  of pure essential oils which can be used with a diffuser to gently fragrance the room.

More details will be announced on New Years Day!!

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