Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our planet has a problem with plastic. Every year we produce 400 million tonnes of it, and a shocking 40% of that is single use. And our beloved skincare products are among the worst culprits. According to Recycle Now, the average UK household uses 480 plastic bottles per year, but only recycles 270 of them. That means 44% are thrown into landfill, where they will take an average of 450 years to degrade.

At Tiddley Pom Baby Spa we are determined to be a small step towards becoming  more sustainable, and in the process safeguarding the world and our environment for the next generation.

Everything we do follows our mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle and we promise you we aim to remove any single-use plastic in our products. We are not perfect, but we are making massive leaps in the right direction. Gone is our plastic packaging and it has been replaced with 100% recyclable aluminium flasks. 

Our new bottles can be used with the screw caps they come with OR you can choose a pump, that should be screwed into the flask and used over and over again in each bottle you buy going forward. 

When you have finished with a flask you can either reuse for other items (in your bathroom to decant shampoo and conditioner into) or simply remove the label, wash and recycle with your household recycling - Alternatively they make ideal submarines when used by an imaginative 3 year old in the bath!

Over the coming months as our supplies run down we are swapping out the labels used on our new flasks so they can be recycled too, along with sourcing a plastic free sachet for our samples of massage oil and baby wash/shampoo. 

Watch this space and we will update you as things meet our criteria and are secured for use. 


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