The perfect balance for becoming a successful MLM sales partner by David Fenton

Before you allow your enthusiasm to over-rule the most important key elements of being a successful MLM partner, please make sure you go through this checklist.

As a Business Consultant and Trouble shooter I have been involved in helping hundreds of people to get back on the right track instead of chasing their tail selling hard just to recoup their investment. In other words they wasted their time and actually lost money.

  1. Look for something Consumable, ideally FMCG - Fast Moving Consumable Goods. Why? You have a much better chance of getting repeat business.
  2. Is it affordable?  Why? You will reduce the number of prospects who say "sorry - can't afford it!".
  3. Has it got a U.S.P? a Unique Selling Point  If it has something or does something in a unique way then you could be on a winner.
  4. Check your strengths. Are you a sales person or a recruitment expert? Many people earn more by recruiting others to be part of their team. Or, you could have a wide spectrum of potentially happy customers without worrying about building a team, Or you do a bit of each. My recommendation?      Do a bit of each.
  5. How much is it to join? Be careful when it becomes a sizeable sum just to be part of the business. A good company will let you in for free.
  6. What do they mean by support? Just a few brochures and a diy online training is not enough. Look for companies who offer real face to face 1 to 1 help and training even remotely by webinars etc.
  7. Look out for Starter Packs. These are specially prepared business in a box packs to help you fast-track forward with, ideally the best sellers, often with smaller samplers that you can demonstrate with.
  8. How good is the guarantee? No quibble full refunds on unsatisfactory goods are the order of the day.
  9. How good is the communication? It can be pretty lonely at times and you need a good reliable upline to really look after you and have a genuine pro-active feeling to ensure your success.
  10. How realistic is the income expectation? Don't be fooled by high earnings unless it can be shown to you as to how you can achieve it by number of calls, number of orders, orders to call ratios etc. All need to be explained to you so that you know how much time you can afford to put to your enterprise in order to make a living without jeopardising your home life.

I said earlier of my profession as a trouble shooter and business Consultant. I am pleased to be associated with a company as their Global MLM Partner which has 2 USPs.

1) It has already proved itself as a successful company selling its range of products successfully through a major multiple chemist. The dwindling margins caused the company to re-assess their distribution position. I was called in to help them shift the distribution channel. Hence the MLM which has proved to be highly successful.

2) The company, after much research, has a unique formula for baby massage to ensure it is safe and comfortable for a baby's skin and, of course, adults skin that happens to be very sensitive.

The founder of the company is very much involved on a day to day practical approach. She has a wealth of knowledge, is a qualified aromatherapist and has created many of the company's product formulae.

If you like the idea of being part of an award winning skincare and aromatherapy company - we want to hear from you. You can run this opportunity alongside your existing products and go to the same customers.

  1. Tiddley Pom is now looking for online TP Sales Partners. No previous selling experience necessary, we will train you free of charge..

    The top quality range includes;-

Organic Baby Massage Oils and Lotions

Adult Oils and lotions

Natural anti-bacteria hand washes and lotions

Sleep Pillow Spray Mists.

Essential oils to detox, relax, purifying, meditate, energy and recuperate.

Diffusers;- Sanctuary, Kharis, Festive.

Zen Bath Salts

All natural products;-

No parabens

No mineral oils

No harmful chemicals

Never tested on animals

100% Natural - Vegan - Vegetarian - Fair Trade, Cruelty free. Made in the UK.

Your TP Partner Benefits

FREE to join

25% immediate discounts.

Extra 5% bonus for Team Leaders

Fully Qualified Sales & Marketing Team to support and help you succeed.

Monthly tips, webinars and seasonal offers.

TP Partner sales tools stationery, brochures etc.

A choice of optional fast-track starter packs with TP Partner samplers.

NO minimum sales target requirements.

Carriage free deliveries on any orders over £45

Find out more. Email me;- or use this fast-track link;-

This article was published on 26.07.2022 by Dave Fenton
Author's business opportunity:

Tiddley Pom - Mum & Baby Skincare, Free to join

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