Tiddley pom dogs

I like many entrepreneurs, business owners and mums, realise that stress and anxiety are all part of the ebb and flow of juggling the demands of parenthood and my other ‘baby’, Tiddley Pom Natural Baby Spa.  

Tiddley Pom was inspired by my daughter Iris, when she was born.  The products soon became my passion and I now wouldn’t have it any other way.  However, we all need time for ourselves, to gain inspiration or just time to centre and re-energise. For me, walking in the beautiful Surrey Hills with my dogs -  Happy, Millie and Dotty, gives me the space to think and problem solve or just marvel at being in such spectacular scenery.

Much of the inspiration for new products comes during this quiet time, escaped from the busyness of life and with a sense of peace, I can look around me and see English Lavender (one of my key ingredients) and Bluebells in the lush fields.  There are also rare orchids where I walk, hidden away from the paths, safe from being picked.

Happy, Millie and Dotty give me an excuse to get up and out into nature.   No matter the weather, the dogs love running around me, sniffing at the complex scents around them.  It makes me so grateful for everything I have in my day to day life and everything I have created over the years. It renews my determination to continue to live in an earth-friendly natural way.

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