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Natural Sleep Bag for Parents and Baby

Natural Sleep Bag for Parents and Baby

AromaTherapy Shed
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Natural Sleep Bag - For Mum, Dad and Baby 

Our best selling sleep aid products presented in a beautiful Tiddley Pom cotton bag. Perfect as a gift for new parents or for anyone that is struggling to sleep.  Sold individually items cots £59.

Spa Bag Contains:

  • 1x Aromatherapy Shed Pillow Mist (100ml) 
  • 1x Tiddley Pom Natural Massage and Body Oil (100ml)
  • 1x Aromatherapy Shed Sleep Diffuser Oil Blend (10ml) 
  • 1x Tiddley Pom Natural Soothing Lotion (150ml) 
  • 1x Sleep Music Download 
  • 1x Organic Cotton Gift Bag 

Pillow Mist 
Aromatherapy Shed have created this divine smelling, vegan and 100% natural sleep Pillow Mist (and Nursery spray). The mist has been blended from 100% pure premium essential oils by our expert aromatherapist. This light spritz has been created for use in the bedroom to create an atmosphere of calm and peace to aid sleep. This product is 100% safe to use in the same room as baby to aid sleep for even the most fractious of settlers.
Natural Massage and Body Oil 
Tiddley Pom Natural Body and Massage Oil is a treat for babies, mum’s and dad’s too! Blending coconut oil with kukui, blackcurrant and argan oils. Tiddley Pom Natural Body and Massage Oil is ideal for the body and face of both baby and parents. 
This blend of natural carrier oils imparts a host of naturally derived vitamins including gamma linoleic acid, omega 6 and other fatty acids essential for healthy skin.


Sleepy Blend Diffuser Oil 
A sleepy blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils for use in a diffuser. This unique blend created by our expert aromatherapist creates an atmosphere of calm and peace, encouraging a gentle, natural sleep for adults and baby.

Soothing Lotion

Tiddley Pom Natural Soothing Lotion blends together organic English lavender and chamomile essential oils helps to calm, heal and soothe skin naturally. It soothes with an infusion of relaxing English lavender and chamomile essential oils and is gentle enough for use from birth.  

Sleep Music Download 

When the art of relaxation, combined with the calming scent of  relaxing essential oils and the beautiful music of Icelandic composer and guitarist, Fridrik Karlsson are all brought together, a feeling of well being and sleep is assured. 

Please note that during the transition from plastic bottles to aluminium flasks there will be a period where flasks are larger than the product volume. You will receive the correct volume of product that you have for the last 10 years, it is only the flask size that has changed.