Jubilant Bundle of the best breast feeding pads

Jubilant Bundle of the best breast feeding pads

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Treat yourself to a bundle of the best breast feeding pads there is (with wash bag included!)

Check out our Jubblies Jubilant Bundle, featuring one pair of Feeling Foxy, one pair of Night Owls, one pair of Puppy Love, one pair of Lush Lions, three pairs of Classic Cream, and three pairs of Classic White nursing pads? This twenty-piece bundle of the best breast feeding pads constitutes a fully stocked reusable nursing pads supply that will provide mums with ample turn around time for washing. Take a load off! It is recommended that mothers have at least 6-9 pairs/ 12-18 pieces to ensure clean Jubblies stock at all times (one spare set in the diaper bag; one or two pairs are usually in the wash; at least three pairs to wear in any one day).

Our Jubliant Bundle also includes a bonus wash bag for your convenience. 

Jubblies reusable pads are absorbent, durable and soft. The superior air circulation in these pads aids in healing sore nipples without compromising on full leak protection. Learn more about The Jubblies Standard for nursing pads, including our brand's commitment to product sustainability and design.

Design matters. Our choices reflect self-care and individuality. Founder Ivy Parker noticed how happy it made her husband to have well-designed socks, how it would put a smile on his face to enjoy that small, intimate luxury each and every day. In developing her Jubblies line, Ivy applied the same principle. Well designed nursing pads add some pep to breastfeeding, a process which can feel quite harrowing for mothers struggling post-partum. The Jubblies designer and classic collections offer beautiful products at an accessible price because all mothers deserve the best, regardless of their personal journey.  

There is a Jubblies style for every mother doing breast pads online shopping. find what makes you happy!