Meet the family

Tiddley Pom – Natural skincare range for babies and new mums


Emma and Iris head shot Tiddley Pom
The Tiddley Pom and AromaTherapy Shed story starts with one remarkable woman. Our founder Emma Nash. But actually, it’s the story of three women, over three generations. Jean, Emma and Iris.

Our past, present and future.

Emma’s mother Jean was passionate about the natural world. It was her knowledge and understanding of plant lore that inspired Emma’s lifelong love of botanicals and set her on a path to discover more. Working closely with growers and producers, she began to source, blend and import exotic, pure essential oils from all over the world. Today, Emma is one Britain’s foremost botanical perfumers and aromatherapy specialists.

After working for years as an aromatherapy consultant for luxury skincare brands, Emma become a specialist in natural, exotic and organic ingredients. Specialising in Baby Massage Oils and other Baby Massage products, So when Iris, Emma's daughter was born with eczema and very sensitive skin,  Emma used her knowledge and created the natural and award-winning baby care brand, Tiddley Pom Natural Baby Spa. 

In researching their use and effectiveness, Emma was fascinated by the wealth of natural ingredients which offer a truly safe alternative to harsh chemicals often found in baby skin care products (even those household names - Check it our yourself via the Think Dirty App It seemed a natural progression to use these ingredients to create her own products.

All of our natural and organic baby skin care products are made in England and use ethically sourced ingredients. There are no parabens, SLS, mineral oils or harmful chemicals.

This brings us up to the current day -  where Iris, Emma’s daughter, comes in. Having inherited her family’s love for nature, Iris is determined that her generation will see the end of single-use plastics. So she asked her mum to create a natural skincare brand that was sustainable, from the ground up. Emma and Iris have formed Aromatherapy Shed. Beautiful hand blended skincare and essential oils, with a range of products that new mums will adore.