Commission your own blend

Commission our master blender Emma Nash, to create your very own custom blend…

Scent is the most evocative sense and now you can harness its benefits with your own custom aromatherapy blend. Emma hand-picks essential oils to create custom blends, exclusively for individual clients. These blends are Infused with different botanical blends identified when discussing your personal preferences and objectives.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing an energising or purifying blend, working with Emma and our growers and producers from around the world and is able to source essential oils, which we know are 100% natural, sustainable and ethically farmed.

Example of how it works: Emma’s current custom commission is to create a natural therapeutic blend to go into a new product range launching next year for a social media/YouTube celebrity and her requirements are quite specific. 

Not only is the blend to be right for her range but the sustainability, provenance of the oils is critical to the ethos of the brand.  Therefore Emma is extremely mindful when selecting the ingredients as to her relationship with the producer.  She has to be sure of the quality and consistency of the ingredients as well as the producers own ethical treatment of their staff and resources.

Emma always begins by creating the ‘first round’ of samples.  In this instance Emma was told about a perfume the client adores - Which would have been a great starting point had this fragrance been available in the UK!  However by researching this fragrance, Emma was able to get an idea of what it smelt like.  It was clear that this fragrance had a strong base so for the five ‘first round samples’ she created a base to be used across all of them.  Once happy with the base, Emma began building the accord, adding oils to compliment and lift the fragrance.  The first samples are with the client now for thoughts..

Bespoke blend commissions start at £250 + vat.  The blend is exclusive to the client and the formulation can be bought at additional cost.  AromaTherapy Shed can manufacture the blend in the event that the client does not wish to own the formulation.

Included in the cost is

The REACH declaration

MSDS, specification

Allergen statement

IFRA declaration

Two rounds of submissions.  Additional submissions are charged at £50 per round. 

The initial formulation charge is paid on proforma invoice.  Manufacturing of the blend has a lead time of 7 working days. 

If you would like Emma to work with you to create your own custom blend, be it for personal or business use, for use in Hotels or Spa’s, Emma can conjure the atmosphere you desire with your personal blend please email