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Natural Baby Balm

Natural Baby Balm

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Tiddley Pom is famous for its natural nappy balm, and over the years many mums have been using the soothing Baby Balm on (if we may be cheeky here) on both sets of cheeks to help with teething sores and nappy rash equally well.  The product is so widely used when we redesigned the labels we changed it to baby balm not nappy balm. Same product just a name that represents its use better! 

Up to a third of babies and toddlers in nappies have nappy rash at any one time. Nappy rash can be caused by:

  • Baby's skin being in contact with soiled nappy (usually when baby starts sleeping through the night) 
  • Nappy rubbing against baby's skin 
  • Soap, detergent or bubble bath or even alcohol-based baby wipes
  • Weaning and changes in diet
  • Teething 
  • Common cold and other minor illnesses 

There may be red patches on your baby's bottom, or the whole area may be red. Their skin may look sore and feel hot to touch, and there may be spots, pimples or blisters. Most babies with mild nappy rash don't feel sore, but if the rash is severe your baby may feel uncomfortable and be distressed.

Tiddley Pom Baby Balm is also suitable to be used on baby’s face, cheeks and under the chin to help prevent milk sores from pools of milk or dribble sitting on baby’s skin when feeding or when teething. 

  • Natural - Vegetarian - Fair Trade - Cruelty Free - Made in the UK
  • Helps prevent dryness and allows baby’s sensitive skin to retain natural oils
  • Suitable for all severity of nappy rash and teething dribble sores
  • Suitable for problem skin conditions incl eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Used after every nappy change and as often as needed on teething sores or milk rashes 
  • Long lasting - only a small amount needed
  • 99% certified organic ingredients

  • It contains smooth, luxurious butters such as shea and coconut from our fair trade African partner and English lavender and chamomile to heal and soothe

  • Rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 to moisturise and protect
  • Our baby balm comes in a reusable aluminium tub, which won't crack or break in your baby bag or if dropped
  • Once you have finished with the tub, remove label, wash out tub and reuse over and over again in your family home or pop into your household recycling

 Size: 50ml of natural baby balm in a 50ml tub 

Whilst it is very rare that a baby has an allergic reaction to any of the natural ingredients in our products, as a precaution it is advisable to carry out a patch test on the baby before used for the first time. A small amount of the product should be gently applied to the inside of the wrist. Wait a minimum of 15 minutes before commencing use with the product. 


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